Thomas Francis Falloon

I came over here tonight to sit amidst the men my father loved so father was Thomas Francis Falloon. He passed away on September 25, 2001. He was the historian for the ship and dedicated the last 50 years of his life to his beloved shipmates and Navy. A finer man never trod on the face of this earth. From Guadalcanal to Tokyo, my father served with distinction. He was born on Staten Island September 17, 1921. His rank was SK2 and he served from January of 1942 to January of 1946. The USS San Juan took part in the liberation of the allied POW's and civilian internees and my father counted this has his most cherished memory from the war. Although not one of his shipmates came to say goodbye to him, I would like to think that my father deserves special attention for all the hard work and dedication he gave to preserving and honoring the USS San Juan archives and instigating the reunions that have held the shipmates together throughout the years. I don't know why you do not have a full roster of men who served on the San Juan listed here, but I can provide you with that roster if you would so like, along with any other information you might like to include on this website. 

Most sincerely, Candice C Falloon, only child of Thomas F. Falloon. I can be reached at